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Performance Analysis on Different Research and Development (R&D) Types: Proactive Support Program for International Environmental Regulation
Mun-Su Park, Johng-Ihl Lee, and Daniel Soonwoo Chang



This study analyzed and compared the performance of companies involved in R&D and R&D Infrastructure activities. This study used Proactive Infrastructure Program for International Environmental Regulation as a case study because it is a program that supports both R&D and R&D Infrastructure in Korea. It also evaluated the R&D performance by combining and isolating R&D and R&D Infrastructure.
The analysis result shows only a handful of companies are actively involved in both R&D and R&D Infrastructure in the program. Differences in technical, economic, and social performance showed no statistically significant. For Economic performance, companies participated in R&D alone showed higher numbers; while for technical performance, companies involved in both activities had higher numbers. From the results of the analysis, it is difficult to state that combining R&D with R&D Infrastructure will create higher performance than R&D alone; however, the study noted an important point in that it R&D activities and its performance measurement need to be analyzed by types.


Research and Development (R&D) Activities, Korea, Performance Analysis, Logic Model, Support Program Evaluation